The Oasis will involve the leadership of many in the circle rather than a professional class of clergy; and that our designated pastoral team is to be viewed not as chief executive officers administering “services” for paying customers but rather as fellow travelers who use their gifts to assist the community to deepen their own spiritual lives and redemptive engagements in the world.  Clergy bring to the community awareness and education in scriptural study, theology, and church history much as others in the group bring computer skills, financial expertise, educational skills, or skills in various spiritual practices.  All should be honored for what they contribute to the community’s life. 
     ~ Principles, Policies, and Procedures, Section VI: Leadership

Rev. Deb Click  is our primary pastoral leader.  Originally ordained in the Lutheran Church (ELCA)in 1988, Deb has had experience in a small rural congregation, a large congregation in a mid-size city, and a small congregation in a large city. She has also served in hospital chaplaincy, campus ministry, outdoor ministry, and currently works as a hospice chaplain. She has also worked in a group home for the mentally ill, was director of Prism Ministries (a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender outreach ministry), and worked for the Ohio Council of Churches. In 2006 she was granted standing in the United Church of Christ. Currently she serves as a hospice chaplain and pastor of The Oasis.

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